Our big news for 2014 (so far) is a donation by the City of Fort Thomas to the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy of a six-acre conservation easement on Rossford Park.  On April 7th, 2014, the Fort Thomas city council voted to approve the easement, and the deed of easement was signed by Mayor Mary Brown and FTFC Chairman Bert Thomas shortly thereafter.  Rossford Park under went major renovations a couple years ago to enhance recreational activities for everyone.  During the reconstruction phase, the city invited the Conservancy to consider holding a conservation easement on portions of the park not included in the restoration.  This area is in the northern fringes of the park and includes forest land, meadows and streams.  We are currently developing a plan to revitalize those natural areas and will make the plan public as soon as it is ready.  It will include stream restoration, reforestation, creation of wetlands, and controlling non-native invasive species.  All of this will take lots of work and rely heavily on our volunteers.  In a broader sense, the easement demonstrates the important partnership between the city and our volunteer organization and validates the Conservancy’s mission to protect the forests, the forested hillsides and remaining green spaces of Fort Thomas.  We hope it will encourage land owners to consider working with the Conservancy to find ways to protect their land and be a part of this important conservation movement.

Here is the easement plat showing the boundaries:  Rossford Park Easement