Conservancy Matters, July 2013

By Bert Thomas

The Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy, an all-volunteer non-profit charity focused exclusively on this city, imagines a future of exceptional natural beauty. It envisions acres of protected forests girding the hills facing the river and sheltered between the ridges and secured from development in perpetuity through easements donated by landowners who understand the importance of conservation measures in preserving our natural heritage. It sees deep woods of shade and serenity where native plants and trees abound and wildlife flourishes.

The Conservancy is not an organization of dreamers. It knows that changing the way people think about their natural environment, moving them from “why bother” to “count me in”, will take time especially in a community that does not embrace change very easily. And it seems a natural condition of mankind is dedicated to maintaining the status quo. Our job is to whittle away at that mindset where conservation principles are concerned. It takes just a few landowners to get the ball rolling. That will happen. We are certain of that. It just makes too much sense, takes so little effort and results in so much good to set aside some portion of one’s land for conservation purposes.

The Conservancy is perhaps best known for its more public activities rather than for its land protection program. We have sponsored and organized the city’s only garden tour for four years in a row with the event in June being our most successful one so far. Four years ago we started planning for our Model Native Garden, a showcase for plants, flowers and trees native to this section of the city and now it is reaching maturity. And we have been badgering people about the scourge of Amur […]

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Conservancy Matters, June 2013

By Bert Thomas.  Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy annual Garden Tour. You do not want to miss this event. We are holding the tour this year over two days just like the tour last year. After having major rain outs our first two years, we decided we would set aside an entire weekend rain or shine rather than set a rain date a week later. It is better for the gardeners, better for us and our volunteers who get revved up to support the event and helps you plan. (more…)

Conservancy Matters, May 2013

By Bert Thomas

I was down in the woods the other day planting some saplings I scrounged from leftovers of a recent reforestation event in the city. The weather was about right for this kind of work. I had with me a spade and a mattock, a pair of work gloves, and the five saplings wrapped in wet paper. The soil in my woods seems rich in nutrients but I’ve never had it tested. (more…)

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A Day in the Park

Saturday, April 27
Tower Park

Enjoy a day of nature activities and hikes.


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Tax Incentive Extended!

Tax Incentive Extended

With the tax bill that averted the so-called “fiscal cliff”, Congress renewed until the end of 2013 the generous Federal tax incentive for landowners who donate a conservation easement to a land trust this year.  As a land trust, the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy encourages local landowners who want to protect their land to read this 20 Questions FAQ, prepared by the Land Trust Alliance, to get a full understanding of just how generous this incentive is.  Unless extended once again, and there are no guarantees of that, this will be your last chance to take advantage of the incentive.  Remember that a conservation easement is very flexible and always allows landowners to retain title to their property.

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