FTFC Wins Forestry Award

The Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy won the award for Outstanding Forestry Program for 2013.  The award was presented by the Northern Kentucky Urban and Community Forestry Council at the Council’s Trees in Our Community Forum and Annual Dinner on October 17th.  This award is given to the local city or county administration, tree board or committee that has made outstanding accomplishments in completing urban forestry projects, provided exemplary tree care leadership, and made significant progress in meeting the goals of their local urban forestry program.  In demonstration of our close working relationship and partnership with the City of Fort Thomas, the FTFC was nominated for this award by Ron Dill, the assistant city administrator.  Conservancy volunteers worked hard in many aspects of urban forestry including tree planting in Rossford Park, revitalizing of the area around the Fort Thomas Museum in Tower park and honeysuckle eradication.

Award of Excellence 2013