We are delighted to announce the FTFC’s acquisition in November 2014 of a large tract of land in Fort Thomas.  The Conservancy now owns 22-acres in the southern part of the city along River Road and has given it the name “River Road Preserve”.  The former owner, Cincinnati’s Union Savings Bank, turned over deed to the property as a charitable donation.   The donation included a cash endowment of $10,000 requested by the FTFC to help defray costs of boundary marking, securing and surveying the land.  The transfer occurred on November 25th in the Fort Thomas law offices of McMurray and Luersen with Jim Luersen providing his services pro bono.  Present were Mark Leopold, board member and chairman of our Land Protection and Stewardship Committee and Conservancy founder Bert Thomas,  with current Chair, Teresa Hill, signing.RR River View-4

To see a seven minute walking video of the property, Click here

The property is zoned residential and has sweeping views of the Ohio River, plus it is adjacent to some of the area’s finest forests.  There are no structures on the property, and it is a large flat area on top that provides such a beautiful panoramic vista. In late July, after several months doing its due diligence, the FTFC board approved the acquisition, allowing the deal to move forward.

“Composed mostly of scrub vegetation and invasive species and with some past stability issues, the land is not typical of the high quality forest land the Conservancy targets for preservation,” said board chair Teresa Hill, “But we believe it was the right move for us and for the community of Fort Thomas and it removes from the market a piece of land with a potential for development.”   She said the FTFC is working on a long term vision for the property and will be working closely with the city council and officials and other concerned citizens on that. “Right now we’re still absorbing the fact of this acquisition and will be taking our time in determining how it can best benefit the community.” She said there are reports of a rare bird or two that habituate the land and she recently sighted a great blue heron gliding along its periphery. This is the third property in Fort Thomas protected by the FTFC, which now manages over 30 acres.

The Land Protection and Stewardship Committee has responsibility for recommending to the board our long term vision for the new property.  The current plan is to wait until January 2016 before determining options for fitting the land into our portfolio.  We welcome ideas from the community during this process.