Harlan Hubbard Art Show, June 3-14

Join us Saturday, June 3rd at 6 pm for a most memorable experience.  The Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy is honored to be hosting a Harlan Hubbard Art Show featuring paintings and woodcuts which have rarely been show in public.  Harlan Hubbard is a nationally famous, award winning artist and Northern Kentucky native whose Fort Thomas art studio was recently placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  All artwork will be for sale with the proceeds benefiting the restoration of his art studio as well as the publication of a watercolor book of Hubbard’s works.  Artwork is priced from $300 – $10,000.

Do not miss this rare opportunity!

Old Fort Trail Challenge 2017 SESQUICENTENNIAL EVENT

Celebrate the Sesquicentennial with a CHALLENGE!  Walk right off the sidewalks and into the beautiful forests of Fort Thomas! The Challenge: to hike ALL the Tower Park trails (as laid out on a map) in one day! Check-points will be located throughout the trail system where participants can stamp their maps and learn a bit about Fort Thomas history.  Hikers who complete all the trails can return their stamped map and receive a badge of completion. (Not sure if you can hike the whole trail system? Don’t worry, just hike what you can.) This event will take place on Sunday, July 2 from 9:00 am until noon. There is a $20 entry fee per family that includes one t-shirt. Additional t-shirts can be purchased for $15 each. This event is sponsored by the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy and all proceeds will go toward furthering the mission of the Conservancy. Register by June 21 in order to receive the t-shirt. Download the Registration Form HERE. Or contact Trisha Schroeder at trident@fuse.net or 859-441-2661.

Preservation Creates a Living Legacy for the City’s Future

Posted on Fort Thomas Matters by Chuck Keller on January 31, 2016:

Sometimes the best things hide in plain sight. Take trees. Well, forests, actually. We seldom give them much thought because we are surrounded by them.  But we need to do just that. And sometimes the same applies to people. The best hide in plain sight.

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Secret Honey Hole Discovered


Posted on Fort Thomas Matters by Michele Pam Wright on October 7, 2016:

Hidden away behind a historical home is a small detached studio with an amazing story.

Sidney Thomas, the wife of the late Bill Thomas, owns the home and the surrounding property. She became concerned when she saw a swarm of bees going into the detached studio at the back of her property. Chuck Keller and Teresa Hill, friends and members of the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy, showed up and Chuck called in some experts….

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Harlan Hubbard Studio Named to National Register

Posted on Fort Thomas Matters by Jessica Duke on August 26, 2016:

Fort Thomas’ tag-line is “The City of Beautiful Homes” and is replete with historic, beautifully crafted and well-maintained, sprawling homes the walls of which, if they could talk, would tell tales often more beautiful than the home’s Victorian façade. The walls, however, are not the only storytellers and the façades not the only art that has graced this town; likewise, the best stories do not necessarily come from the most sprawling manors but sometimes originate from much smaller, much simpler homes or even one-room studios, much like that of famed artist and former Fort Thomas resident Harlan Hubbard …

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